Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) has developed a rich entrepreneurship ecosystem consisting of academic programs, action based training programs and incubation over several domains with students, alumni and faculty. There is also a vibrant student based entrepreneurship cell (E- Cell) which organizes a variety of awareness and mentoring programs. As the premier engineering institution in the country, we have launched an effort to integrate the practice and academic aspects of entrepreneurship in IIT KGP, through the creation of a school of entrepreneurship. This school offers an integrated B. Tech (in the chosen field of engineering) and MS in entrepreneurship, leading to a 5 years of experiential entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of an enterprise out of the IITs knowledge portfolios and students drive. The school creates an output based paradigm shift of growth venturing within a university environment. This output is aimed at procreation and transformation of currently underdeveloped areas around IIT into highly productive technology parks, integrated with the infrastructure of the industrial region.

Late Prof. Rajendra Mishra was a distinguished professor of the department of Mechanical Engineering (1950 - 1975) of IIT Kharagpur. He had initiated the department of management studies which had pioneered Executive Development Programme. He had brought together luminaries like Sir Jahangir Gandhi, Sri V. V. Giri, and Sri Triguna Sen into advisement of IIT Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur has named its School of Engineering Entrepreneurship as Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship. This unique school for the first time provides the opportunity for engineering undergraduate students to design a product or service while pursuing their academic degree during the entire period of study (5 years) for a dual degree (B. Tech in respective department + M.Tech in Engineering Entrepreneurship). This will accentuate the well developed entrepreneurial ecosystem present at IIT Kharagpur, and will lead to several product companies out of our extraordinary students at the Institute. This is in consonance with the national necessity of transitioning into a product based economy from the current overdependence on services.

This novel initiative will act as the link between the academics and application part of entrepreneurship.

Special Features
  • First among IIT to offer 5 year dual degree in engineering B.Tech and M.Tech in Entrepreneurship
  • Each student will have two entrepreneurship mentors, one from within institute and other external of the institute (India/Abroad)
  • Finance partially by alumni donations
  • Live interface of companies and students facilitated by office of Incubation & Entrepreneurship programs, Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) and Science & Technology Entrepreneurs? Park (STEP), IIT KGP.

Head : Prof. Dhrubes Biswas
Phone (Head's chamber) : +91-3222-281090
Office : +91-3222-2881090
Phone (Chamber) : +91-3222-283528
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-283529, +91-3222-
Email : dbiswas @ ece.iitkgp.ernet.in

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