Envision 2011 Winners

  • Winning Team: Roof for Two (Maxime Pinto, Andrew Altman (MIT))
    Roof for Two is a unique concept that can help solve the age-old problem of two-wheeler riders who ride daily through rain, sun and the cold. Roof for Two eliminates travel irritation with an affordable and stylish riding canopy. The product is a detachable, collapsible and lightweight motorcycle accessory compatible with most popular two-wheeler models now. With a growing two-wheeler market in India and an even faster growing middle class, the product promises to change the way India rides.

    First Runners Up: Damascuz Fortune ( Nikhil PM, Deepak Krishna, Venkatesan K R, Vivek Sahadevan Nair (Sastra University))
    Damascuz Fortune has developed the Cut-C technology -A technology for tracking climate change. The invention relates to a process for large scale commercial production of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) from Industrial Exhaust. The present invention simultaneously reduces the flue-gas emission, reducing global warming and helping to reduce resultant climate catastrophe. The product would have industries and laboratories as immediate customers and many other wide application areas such as composites, textiles and photonics applications.

    Second Runners Up: Energy Made Greener (EMG) ( Karthik G, Siddharth Sundararajan K, Prashanth Durairaj S, Pranesh B )
    The proposed product is a one-of-its-kind High Altitude Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that uses consistent wind currents at high altitudes in the atmosphere to produce electricity. The target market for this pathbreaking product is a $ 15 billion market in remote, military and offshore power applications by lowering the cost of energy 65% compared to leading wind turbines or diesel generators of today. The "Hygen" generator proposed by the team can be a formidable alternative to current fossil fuel-based energy generators.

    Envision 2009 Winners

    Winning Team: Urjagrit (Sumeet Gattewar, Anirudh Choudhary, Kaushal Kumar Jha, Ramanuj Lal, Kanav Hasija)

    First Runners Up: Portable Urinal (Tinton Abraham)

    Second Runners Up: Automatic Power Saving Device (Nitin G, Ruben Paul)

    Envision 2008 Winners

    Winning Team: Prateek agarwal, final year student from CSE.
    The product was a multiuser chatroom application "OMERTA" based on j2me using bluetooth as the communication medium.

    First Runners Up: Amit Beriya, Nurali, Amir Khan.
    The product was a semiautonomous T shirt folder. The fold to be achieved is accomplished by a series of motion of rods on a conveyer. The idea's feasiblility was appreciated and the jury had recommended them to apply for TePP

    Second Runners Up: (Two teams joint winners): DIGISLATE and TELEROBOT

    DIGISLATE: Gaurav Shrivastav, Keshav Modi, Vivek Chauhan, Prabhat Rastogi.
    The idea was to make computer understand handwritten equations and then calculation of the recognized mathematical operations using neural network and digital image processing. The interface is further made interactive by a simple GUI.

    TELEROBOT: Sanjiban Chaudhury, Kinshuk Bairagi, Nikhil Somani.
    A remotely based robotic system which can beoperated remotely either via the internet or voice calls or even SMS's using intelligent hardware and concurrent message architecture. The idea was commended and was asked to be applied for funding

    Envision 2007 Winners


    F-Squad   Firefighter Amit Beriya
    Biowizard   Vida Rachit Agarwal
    Kraig   Maxrobo Rudra Pratap

    Shoving aside the shortcomings of modern day fire extinguishers, the ingenious "Firefighter"comes as a fully autonomous machine which detects and extinguishes fire with much greater efficiency than its competitors.

    "Vida" is a novel bioreactor which can be used by research laboratories as well as in industries all over the world to culture the plants in vitro.

    Cosidering the growing needs of a modern individual, "Maxrobo" comes as a multi-purpose Personal Assistant Robot. It is capable of interacting and co-existing with human beings and assisting them in executing multiple tasks that are monotonous, time-consuming or something that involves potential risk.