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About Empresario

Empresario is the annual business model competition organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur in association with International Business Model Competition (IBMC).
Entrepreneurship Cell is searching for innovative and enterprising ideas through Empresario. Empresario'20 provides a platform for students to get excellent professional mentorship from our experienced, varied and distinguished mentor pool, and to showcase their ideas in front of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Industry Leaders.

In our quest to empower teenagers to build startup companies from scratch, develop polished products, gain persuasive traction, and secure investor funding, we are introducing the Teenage Founder’s Track! Launching in India for the very first time, we bring to you the opportunity to showcase your Business Model and win prize money worth over INR 6 Lacs.
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If you want to turn your idea into an entrepreneurial venture, then this is the perfect stage for you!


Why Empresario

Founder’s Bootcamp
The winners of the Teenage Founder’s track will automatically receive an entry into the semi-finals of Founders Bootcamp in Los Angeles to compete for $ 50,000 prize money in equity or otherwise.*T&C Apply
Expert Mentoring
Reach out to our vast network of experienced mentors, and transform your vision into reality.
Get a chance to qualify directly to the Semi Final of the prestigious
International Business Model Competition
Networking opportunities with potential partners, investors and world class entrepreneurs.
Prize Money
Prizes worth over INR 35 Lacs
Incubation Opportunities
Get opportunity to win the incubation amount to the tune of INR 2.5 crore.
StartUp Services
Advice on legal, taxation, financial, technical aspects of running a startup, co-working space, HR needs etc.

Why Business Model?

Over 85 percent of new businesses fail within the first few years. This Competition represents a radical departure from the past and the crest of a new paradigm in entrepreneurship. Unlike a business plan competition, participants won’t be rewarded for doing lots of library research, drawing fancy graphs, or crafting the perfect sales pitch to venture capitalists.

Key Business Model Hypothesis
Breaking down their idea into the key business model hypothesis.
Testing Products
Getting outside the building and testing their assumptions with customers.
Customer Development
Applying Customer Development / Lean Startup principles to make sure they nail the solution.
Customer-Validated Business Model
Learning to pivot (or change) until they have a Customer-Validated Business Model with radically improved chances of success.


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