• Testimonials

  • mBreath :

    “We are a competitive and capable team of the IITians with a vision to revolutionise the way people think about sleep and let them extract the most out of their sleep. In last but not least, We are highly obliged to E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur and our Empresario 2016 mentor Mr. Vishal Bansal. He has helped us a lot to understand startup ecosystem.

    Empresario is the best place to start Entrepreneurship journey for students. I have learned a lot by going through this competition. In addition, I would like to thanks E-Cell IIT Kharagpur for their efforts to make it grand success.

    - Laxmi Kant Tiwari- Co-founder at mbreath(Best IITKGP entry at empresario 2016-17)
  • Ticket Jugaad :

    • Helped us create a refined Business Model:

      Participating in Empresario helped us think critically about virtually every aspect of our startup. Right from our target market and its size, our competitors to scalability of our product etc. This helped us to take a step back and assess our startup with a level of detail one might have overlooked on daily basis.

      Multiple points of Feedback and Mentorship:

      Throughout the competition we were critiqued on an evolving Business Model by the mentors who helped us a lot in finding out the loopholes in our model and helping us in fixing it. Further Empresario helped us in Networking and build connections with the judges, investors and entrepreneurs, who at later stages helped us a lot whenever we faced some problems.

      Lastly thanks to Ecell, IIT Kharagpur team for helping us throughout the competition and organizing the competition very smoothly and professionally.

  • Soteria Solutions :

    • Mind blown, Empresario was the best B-Plan competition out of the 8 we have been selected in. The judges asked critical questions and made sure that it wasn't an easy process. After the competition and before the result, all the judges interacted with us, networked and gave us insights on how to move forward informally. Another great experience handed to us through Empresario was the IBMC. The mentoring we received at the Microsoft campus was class apart and gave us a US based perspective on how to run a business, besides an amazing opportunity to network. We stayed in touch with several of the judges till now and they have introduced us to several VC opportunities. The E-cell team is extremely supportive before, during and long after the competition.

  • Gamezop :

    • Very few platforms in India can be as grand as IIT Kharapur's Empresario. From a competition standpoint, the standards at Empresario are unmatched, with all teams having to qualify through a series of rounds to make it to the final round. The fight is so tough that in the final round one only meets fully functional startups from across the country. No wonder that the Empresario stresses on being a business model competition.

      Winning the Empresario allowed us a chance to travel to the Microsoft campus in Washington and compete at the International Business Model Competition, which was global exposure in the truest sense of the term. The team at IIT Kharagpur helped us till the end to see it done. So glad we were part of this!

  • ifreedom :

    • Empresario is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs. It gives you all kinds of experience from mentorship to pitching and raising some fund also. The kind of people you meet and the exposure you get is really great. Any participant would make great contacts and also friends in different fields.It a great opportunity and platform for entrepreneurs and startups. I would suggest everyone to give it a try if you have a startup or a idea. I also thank empresario and IIT Kharagpur students for organizing and managing such great event.

  • Alive Homes :

    • The platform that Empresario provided, helped us make a refined and solid B-model making us think critically about various aspects of business, ranging from technology it's applicability on a massive scale to distribution channels, supply chain, sales teams, key associations etc with the help of a dedicated mentor. Empresario also helped in connecting with the various potential investors, clients and other start-ups, who could help us in growing at a relatively faster pace.

  • Ziglr :

    • Steve Blank once said “Business Plans are poor planning and execution tool for startups, thus Business Plan Competitions are waste of time, and we should replace them with Business Model Competitions”

      That is exactly what is trying to do. Rather than writing a plan inside a building, one should get outside and learn how to pivot. And 'Empresario' compelled our team to do so, because we were being judged based on our performance, what we built and what we learnt rather than our future plans.After winning as Best In-house Entry, we realised that money is the least of things you can gain at any competition, there are other very important benefits for certain inexperienced entrepreneurs such as getting to know the competition, make connections with Angel Investors and VCs, ask successful entrepreneurs for their feedbacks, sometimes you may even find a mentor there.

      Our team got an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists, which didn't only helped us make network but also gave an idea about how the competition is growing and where is the VC money flowing. Other than that our team also got a constant feedback after every round from the judges reviewing the models, which proved to be very helpful for us while improving the product.

  • Swagene :

    • Empresario 2015 was a pleasure to participate in and for everyone's ease it was kept centrally in Kolkata. There was ample time to network with both other entrepreneurs as well as the investors and mentors that attended the program. The visibility offered by collaboration with media was also very helpful to us in promoting our pioneering "Make-in-India" efforts for rare cancer management

  • WeCare Medservice LLP.

    • “ In India, due to the unavailability of Primary health care, there are a lot of pregnancy related issues. We felt that these both factors are inter related & hence we came up with two products- WeCare & MotherCare. The overall system provides a one stop health solution by diagnosing a total of 14 primary health parameters along with online doctor consultation within a time span of just 6-7 minutes at a very nominal cost providing results instantly. As promised by Empresario Team, all teams qualified for the semis would be receiving mentorship. Luckily, in both our ventures - we had Mr. Vishal Bansal, CEO of “Healthstart” as our mentor. We felt a sense of accomplishment when Mr. Jayesh Parekh, Co-founder, Sony Entertainment Television was willing sto help us with seed funding. Empresario, through its expert mentoring sessions & networking platforms, turned out to be a huge learning experience for us.”

  • Success Stories

  • mBreath :

    Focuses on home healthcare monitoring analytics using IoT, Big Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    SleepDoc+ is first product of mBreath. The SleepDoc+ is first of its kind which wirelessly measures different physiological parameters such as respiration rate, heart rate, and body movement.

      Tractions so far:
    • Best IIT-KGP startup of Empresario, 2016 at by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur.
    • Winner, Eureka 2016 held at IIT-B
    • In top 30 startups of India under the programme of Startup India by TI, IIMB, and DST
    • We have also got selected in top 50 Innovative startups of India under the programme of Startup India and Make in India by Tata Trusts, Lockheed-Martin, IIMA, and DST, Government of India.
    • mBreath also got funding and incubation offer from Singapore in May 2017.

  • Gamezop :

    • Gamezop is a casual gaming app, which allows you to play a lot of games without downloading other apps, aim to make playing & sharing convenient via message apps- just like music or video files.

      They participated in Empresario and qualified to represent India in the International business Model Competition held at Microsoft HQ and organised by Harvard & Bringham Young University. After their success in Empresario, they were able to raise a seed funding of $350,000 from a group of Investors like Phanindra Sharma ( founder of Redbus ) and Anand Chandrasekaran ( CPO, Snapdeal).

      Gamezop was amongst top 3 startups representing Asia at TiE International StartUp Competition at TiEcon 2016 in San Francisco.They were selected in forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list.

      They are currently in the process of expanding their app to other operating systems like iOs and windows.

  • Swagene :

    • Swagene is the knowledge laboratory that helps you discover the uniqueness of one's DNA or genes and use it for a healthier life.

      It won the best innovative product award in Empresario 2015-2016. After their win, they were able to expand their startup by associating with hospitals all over India.

      They won the annual gold medal of Innovation from the Government of India. They also won the CII Startup of the year award.

      They are currently heavily bootstrapped but have started talks with VC firms in order to get funding and expand their startup.

  • Coeo Labs :

    • Team Saans ( Now Coeo Labs ) is a health technology startup which creates new technology to reduce ventilator based pneumonia. It participated in Empresario 2014-15 and became the winner in Social Category. Empresario also gave them the opportunity to represent India in the International Business Model Competition held at Harvard university and they secured 6th overall in the world. It is incubated in InnAccel Strtup Incubator and currently aims to reduce the cost of the technology invented.

      They were the winners of Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2015 , FICCI Terumo Healtcare Excellence Award 2015 and first runner up at TIE International Business Plan Competition- Asia Rice Track.

  • Retention.ai :

    • Retention.ai (Formerly BetaGlide) is the world's 1st uninstall intelligence platform for mobile apps. Our platform allows app developers and marketers to track uninstalled users and understand their behavior.

      They won Empresario 2013-14 and were accelerated in Tlabs. They won $1 million prize at the Rice University Business Plan Competition.

      They were able to raise a funding of Rs. 3.2 crores from American based Mercury Funds, Flipkart’s CPO Punit Soni and a few other angel Investors.

      Recently,retention.ai was acquired by Inshorts and with this acquisition Inshorts has raised $20 millions in series B funding.

  • Roder :

    • Roder (formerly InstaCab) aspires to change the scenario of intercity travel throughout India and aims to provide cabs at the cheapest rates, anywhere and anytime. Through their technological expertise, we have made one-way rates a possibility.

      It was the winner of Empresario 2014-15 in Products and Services track.

      It recently raised a funding of INR 1.6 crore from United India Ventures. They plan to use it for geographical expansion and customer acquisition.

      They are currently planning to raise the next round of funding to lower the prices and further increase their customer acquisition.

  • Social cops :

    • Social cops is a data analytics startup. It uses their network of mobile-enabled human sensors track the most important parameters in the world - access to healthcare, income & savings, adherence to drugs & quality of infrastructure - from the remotest parts of the world. Their data stacks changes the way organizations consume, retreive or make data.

      They were one of the winners in Empresario 2012-2013.

      After Empresario, it was able to get partnership contracts from Unilever, UNICEF, Oxfam, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Swades Foundation, Goonj and iHat.

      They also made in the 2015 Forbes's 30 under 30 and the Fortune 40 under 40 lists.

      It also raised series funding of $320,000 from 500 Startups and various other investors combined.

  • Intugine :

    • Intugine has created a mobile device called Nimble which help users to control computers at their fingertrips with comfort and accuracy. The product is currently available on Pre-Order now.

      They were among the winners of empresario 2013-2014 and got the right platform to grow.

      They were able to raise a funding of $100,000 to buy and research technology to make their product accessible to all the masses.

      They currently have priced the nimble at rs. 5499 but are trying to lower the costs. They also are currently looking for partnership with gaming consoles to create a market for themselves.

Empresario 2018-2019
Product & Services Track
1stMinion Labs
  • Gokul Sriniwas
  • Jeyakumar
2nd  Kvayat Medicals
  • Abhay Tanksali
  • Dr. Sai
Best Innovative Product
1st  Startoon Labs
  • Susurla V. S. Suresh
  • Mythreyi Susurla
Social Track
1st   Aikya Organics
  • Jitendra Yadav
  • Rana Singh
  • Ravindra Dwivedi
  • Rakesh Pandey
2nd   Monosha Biotech
  • Saurabh Ray
  • Neha Garodia
  • Saikat Sarkar
  • Biplab Mazumder
  • Rajarshi Chatterjee
Best Innovative Product
1st  Neer Agriventures
  • Hars Agarwal
  • Abhishek Dubey
  • Nikita Tiwri
Best IIT Kharagpur Entry
1st  LooHygeine
  • Piyush Kumar Dongre
  • Priyka Laha
  • Paras Dongre
Empresario 2017-2018
Product & Services Track
  • Surbhit Johri
  • Dr. Attya Omer
  • Raja Shukla
  • Aditya Chauhan
2nd  Goaktive
  • Abhinav
  • Vidisha Singhania
  • Rishav Goel
  • Garrima Parakh
Best Innovative Product
1st  NanoPearl
  • Prerana D. Tomke
  • Shamraja S. Nadar
  • Manjeshwari Sonar
Social Track
1st   Project Virasat
  • Kamaldeep Singh Sangha
  • Vikas Heera
  • Dharvinder Pal Sharma
  • Sukhjinder Singh
  • Harpreet Kaur Bhullar
2nd   Agarian
  • Lopamudra Chakraborty
  • Buddheswar Kar
Best Innovative Product
1st  Globsol
  • Sabari Prabaaker
  • Pranith Hengavalli
Best IIT Kharagpur Entry
1st  Law and AI
  • Aman Garg
  • Apurv Dave
  • Atal Ashutosh Agarwal
  • Siddharth Singh
Empresario 2016-2017
Product & Services Track
1stVacus Tech
  • Pratik M
  • Shrikant
2nd  JANCH
  • Abhishek Gupta
  • Dr. Veldurthi Naresh Kumar
  • Sunny Kalsi
  • Dr. Swamy Ponomariappan
  • Dr. Sunetra Roy Hazra
Best Innovative Product
1st  Kaizen
  • Dinesh Aggarwal
  • Vijay Kumar Gupta
Social Track
1st   Helpusgreen
  • Ankit Agarwal
  • Karan Rastogi
2nd   MotherCare
  • Renata Saha
  • Sayan Sarkar
  • Argha Das
Best Innovative Product
1st  Torchit Electronics
  • Hunny Bhagchandani
  • Prarit Agarwal
IBM Track Winners
  • Kumar Pratik
  • Ritesh Saurabh
  Click Thru
  • Shubham Jain
  • Girish Rawat
  • Ashish sharma
Best IIT Kharagpur Entry
1st  mBreath
  • Prof. Aurobinda Routray
  • Laxmi Kant Tiwari
  • Gyanendra Singh
  • Satyapal Gupta
  • Arunendra Singh
Empresario 2015-2016
Product & Services Track
1st  Ticket Jugaad
  • Runal Jaju
  • Shubham Baladev
2nd  Tamara Shoes
  • Anurag Anand
  • Bhargav P
Best Innovative Product
1st  Swagene
  • Sooraj Ratnakumar
  • Dr. Vani KM
Social Track
1st   Soteria Solutions
  • Chirag Mehta
  • Sagar Mehta
  • Tarang Shah
2nd   iFreedom
  • Siddharth Raja
Best Innovative Product
1st  Alive Homes
  • Poonam Gupta
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Alok Dixit
  • Ankit Bansal
IBMC Qualifying team
  • Gaurav Agrawal
  • Yashash Agrawal
  • Chirag Mehta
  • Sagar Mehta
  • Tarang Shah
Best IIT Kharagpur Entry
1st  Ziglr
  • Shubham Bhist
  • Ayush Gautam
Special Recognition
  Most Promising Young Entrepreneur
  • Manoj Nath
Product & Services Category
1st  Roder(InstaCab)
  • Ashish Rajput
  • Abhishek Negi
  • Siddharth Matre
2nd  Blaer Motors
  • Abinesh Ekambaram
  • Ashwin Badri
  • Adarsh Lakshmanan
  • Akshay Ravikumar
Social Category
1st  SAANS
  • Khalid Abdullah
  • Kandukuri Srivatsa
  • Nachiket
  • Nitesh Jangir
2nd  Project Kayakalp
  • Sharanya Sahai
  • Bhavya Aggarwal
  • Sharad Giria
Best Innovative Product
1st  Gunpoint Technologies(Pulserays Technologies)
  • Arpan Bose
  • Priti Pallavi
  • Bhanavath Nagendra Babu Naik
  • Pranali Jalgram
Best IIT Kharagpur Entry
1st  PrepVocab
  • Rohan Jain
  • Devendra
  • Saurabh Agarwal
Empresario 2013-2014
1st  Betaglide
  • Amritanshu Anand
  • Anshul Single
  • Manan Shah
  • Abhimanyu Dixit
2nd  Energy Unified
  • Jagdish Chelani
3rd  Intugine
  • HHarshit Srivastava
  • Abhishek Sharma
  • Vivek Kumar
Social Category
1st  Spartans
2nd  Live Braille
  • Abhinav Verma
  • Craig.R
3rd  Inflight
Empresario 2012-2013
1st  BioScoop
  • Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
  • Siraj Bagwan
  • Siddhartha Joshi
  • Dr. Jonnathan Pillai
Stanford India Biodesign
2nd  Social Cops
  • Prukalpa
  • Varun Banka
  • Harjoben Singh
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
3rd  Swipe
  • Debashish Mitra
  • Prince
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Exyle Explosives
  • Arpit Dave
  • Koulick Ghosh
  • Sagnik Chakraborty
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Registrations End In