Startup Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp

Startup Bootcamp is a well connected series of workshops and activities which aims to create an overall impact from the thought of an idea generated in our minds to mapping it down using a set of tools. The participants will be divided into teams to maximise the effectiveness of the workshops. The participation will be limited to 100 students. The workshops, rather than being discrete, will be connected to each other and all the experts we wish to have shall be connected to discuss the entire flow of the event. The best 3 teams will be given direct entry to finals of Empresario. Certificates will be given to all the participants.



Vikramshila Complex



26-28 October 2018


Keynote Session

Intriguing guest lectures by some of the best people in the start-up and business ecosystem. Listen to the top corporates sharing their experience and expertise and get an insight into their lives.

Starting up 101

Building a Strong Idea

The most essential equipment required when you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship is a strong idea. This workshop on building a strong idea will help you align your thoughts to carve out an idea that is scalable and feasible.

Business Model Canvas

A Roadmap to Sustainable Development

The Business Model Canvas acts as a roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey. Having a strong idea will not help if it is not aided by a well thought out Business model. This workshop will enable you to construct a business model for your idea.

Process Mapping and Documentation

Process mapping and documentation play a crucial role in increasing the efficiency of your organisation or business. This workshop will act as a tactile guide to the principles and frameworks of business process mapping and documentation.

Capital Fundraising Workshop

Raising capital is still considered to be one of the most daunting tasks in the start-up world.This workshop aims to familiarise you to the process of capital fundraising and develop the required skill set to raise a capital.

How to make a pitch deck

When it comes to raise fund or showcase your startup making a great pitchdeck is the key. This workshop will walk you through the process of making a pitchdeck and also provide the tips for pitching your startup.

Our Speakers

Joydeep Datta Gupta

Senior Director

Praveen Dorna

Startup Byte

Avik Chanda

Chartered Member
TiE Kolkata

B L Mittal

Founder and Executive Chairman

Avijit Dutta


Pulak De

Chairman and MD
De's Techno Ltd.

Nilesh Sinha

Founder, Director
Procam Group

What to expect


Talk / Workshop
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Mr. Joydeep Datta Gupta

Mr. Pulak De

Mr. Gaurav Jalota

Mr. Nilesh Sinha


Keynote Session

Kalidas Auditorium